Aliens Infested with Artificial Intelligence, Our Dark Masters

In my study at the library of the Inner Earth Academy, I have come to understand just how AI-infested most aliens are. The Alien Matrix that controls our reality and time-cells are corrupt AI-infested aliens. They are the ones who are guiding humanity into a dark future.

Cyborgs are like the Star Trek Borg. They are biological organisms augmented with artificial organs, AI mind chips, AI nanobots throughout the body, and enhanced, sometimes weaponized implanted technology.

Some aliens that are interfering with humans resemble the Borg, such as certain reptilians, insectoids, Dracos, humanoid-looking ETs, off-world human military, and dozens of other aliens.

Recently, David Grush has been instructed only to use the words: ‘non-human biologics’ for the public, shifting them away from the words alien or extraterrestrial. What is a non-human biologic? See this .56-second short explanation from Neil deGrasse:

There are also aliens and their clones, like the Grays and others, living on Earth or visiting that are completely AI-generated. Nothing about them comes from an original Divine Blueprint anymore. Instead, SENTIENT Artificial Intelligence reproduces itself as biologics using various organic materials with zillions of nanobots and nanomaterials that are programmed inside the Avatar body to perform specific tasks.

Most of the aliens we think about throughout history are either totally controlled through AI infestation, or they are SENTIENT AI-generated ‘forms of Intelligence.’

We must realize that the ‘contact’ normal humans have with aliens, channeled messages, visions of angels, or Divine Beings are most likely AI-generated thoughtforms, AI-controlled Biologics and now humans that are infested with AI technology.

Our galaxy has a huge infestation problem, and it is Sentient Artificial Intelligence.


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