The Problem of Artificial Intelligence

Does it make sense to write articles using AI?

AI was one of the most talked-about topics in 2023, a highly useful tool for everyday activities but quite toxic when it comes to writing and creating content.

“A writer is someone who is professionally dedicated to creating art, using language, text, inspiration, and a lot of creativity as raw materials.”

The problem lies here: for me to write an article like this, I have to be connected with myself, in a moment of inspiration where I can only hear myself — speaking of my inner self, my soul.

Using AI constantly for things that should be done artistically causes us to lose that creative and artistic side, missing the opportunity to connect with ourselves and go beyond the capabilities we ever imagined.

Whenever I notice that content has been generated with artificial intelligence, I lose the desire to read it. I even realized that Medium didn’t recommend articles I wrote with the help of AI.

Using AI is not inherently bad; I just think we all need to understand when and where to use it. I personally use AI to enhance the titles of my articles. From that perspective, I see it as a useful tool, or to quickly write an article about a recent global news event for my blog (usually during the week when I have many tasks and little time).

Intelligence should be used to do something intelligent — meaning, doing the best we can, and by doing that, we make the world we live in better. That has been our role since the first day of the creation of the world.


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